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Rosa Ramos

Rosa Ramos

District Women's Director

Rosa Ramos has been leading Women’s Ministries since 2020. She is pastoring alongside her husband Carlos Ramos at Refuge church in Fort Worth, TX.

Lucia Romero

Lucia Romero

Assistant District Women's Director

Lucia Romero…

Scarlet Garcia

Scarlet Garcia


Scarlet Garcia…

SCHD Women’s Ministry

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Women’s Ministry is a dedicated and inclusive facet of many religious communities, focusing on the spiritual growth, support, and empowerment of women. Through various events, gatherings, and programs, Women’s Ministry aims to create a nurturing environment where women can deepen their faith, build meaningful relationships, and address specific challenges they might face. This ministry often provides opportunities for mentorship, discipleship, and personal development, fostering a sense of sisterhood and encouraging women to discover their unique roles within their faith and the broader community. Whether through Bible studies, retreats, or service projects, Women’s Ministry plays a crucial role in fostering spiritual enrichment and unity among women of all ages and backgrounds.

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